1. Introduction

The goal of Physiology is to explain the physical and chemical factors that are responsible for the origin, development and progression of life.
In Human Physiology, we attempt to explain the specific characteristics & mechanisms of the human body that makes it a living being.
Human physiology is taught in first year along with Human Anatomy & Human Biochemistry and understanding of Physiology forms the foundation of the medical knowledge which will be acquired later.


Faculty Details

Department of Physiology



1.Dr Sandip R Sardessai

Professor & Head

2.Dr. Sumedha Audi

Associate Professor

3.Dr. Sanjay Pandarbale

Associate Professor

4.Dr. Isabella Coelho Correia Afonso

Assistant Professor

5.Dr. Mahesh Kamble

Assistant Proffessor

6.Dr. Susan R. Quadros 

Assistant Proffessor

7.Dr. Melanie Audrey Alvares


8.Dr. Suhani S Dessai


9.Dr. Yogesh P Nerkar

Assistant Lecturer

10. Dr. Narayan Kamat Dalal

Assistant Lecturer

11. Dr. Edelweiss Rodrigues

Assistant Lecturer

12. Dr. Celia Fernandes

Asistant Lecturer



Name  Designation
 1. Smt Tereza C Dçosta  Clerk/Storekeeper
 2. Shri Jeronimo A Antao  Senior Technician
 3. Miss. Piedade Fernandes  Junior Technician
 4. Smt. Ganga M. Kankonkar  Multi Tasking Staff
 5. Shri Heera B Panchwadkar  Multitasking Staff
 6. Shri Mukund Kuttikar Multitasking Staff
 7. Shri Mangesh G. Velip  Multitasking Staff
 8. Shri Rajiv Sharma  Multitasking Staff


2.Changes in Faculty
Dr Susana Quadros promoted from Lecturer to Assistant Professor
Dr Suhani Desai promoted from Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer
Dr Celia Fernandes joined the department as Assistant Lecturer.

 1.      Services

The department of Physiology is involved in teaching Physiology to first year students of MBBS, BDS, BSc Nursing, Allied Health Sciences, MDS and PG in Human Physiology.


150 medical Students, 40 Dental Students, 100 Nursing Students, 100 Allied Health Science Students (BPT, BOT, BSc Opt, BSc MIT & BAT – 20 each) & 20 MDS Students along with 5 PG’s (Intake capacity) in Human Physiology are taught Physiology every year.


The mode of teaching for undergraduates is by Lectures, Practical’s and Tutorials. Department uses Problem Based Learning (PBL) and Self Study Group Discussion as Micro Teaching methods to teach Applied Physiology. 


Medical Students are exposed to basic research and publication by giving them Elective Topics for one month, where they do research and present their findings.


2.      Instruments

The following instruments are available in department for research activities


1.      Automated Lung Function Machine


2.      Single Channel ECG Machine


3.      Clinical Diagnostic Digital Audiometer


4.      Four Channel Digital Physiograph


5.      Computerised Cardiopulmonary Exercise System